13 Best Faiz Ahmad Faiz Quotes

Faiz Ahmad Faiz, was not only one of the greatest poets of the Indian Subcontinent. But, he’s also a revolutionary poet of few but impactful words. And these, Faiz Ahmad Faiz quotes, tells us about the man and his thoughts.

Faiz Ahmad Faiz Quotes –

1. Of fragrance of colour, beauty and goodness. The metaphors all began and ended in you.

Faiz Ahmad Faiz quote


2. Last night your faded memory filled my heart
Like spring’s calm advent in the wilderness
Like the soft desert footfalls of the breeze
Like peace somehow coming to one in sickness.

Faiz Ahmad Faiz quote


3. The depth of your perception of the outside world determines the depth of your inner wisdom.

Faiz Ahmad Faiz quote


4. Journalism had not yet become a business in 1947. Afterwards people discovered that it can be used to make money, so it became a business.

Faiz Ahmad Faiz on journalism


5. Those who used to dream of political and social justice in a free Pakistan and used to write about it naturally influenced ordinary people. After independence, it was all proven to be a mirage, a lie.

Faiz Ahmad Faiz on Pakistan


6. If ink and pen are snatched from me, shall I Who have dipped my fingers in my heart’s blood complain, Or if they seal my tongue, when I have made, A mouth of every round link of my chain?

Faiz Ahmad Faiz quote


7. For the first time, I realized that to hold something so close that one’s near and dear ones suffer along with oneself, even though it means little to them, is wrong. If you look at it this way, idealism or abiding by certain principles is also a form of self-centeredness. Because in the fervor of your convictions, you forget what others hold dear.

Faiz Ahmad Faiz quote


8. Look at the city from here, concentric like a prison all horizons are rampart bound.

A Faiz Ahmad Faiz quote


9. Development should incorporate the best parts of the past into the present.

Quote on development


10. In society, waywardness causes disharmony.

Quote by Faiz Ahmad Faiz


11. When will the gaze find Spring’s verdant carpet, unmarked. How many rains will wash away the bloodstains.

Quote by Faiz Ahmad Faiz


12. Culture, is actually the sum total of a community’s way of life. How it lives, what it eats, what it wears, how it celebrates, how it mourns.

Quote on culture


13. Love is painful, friendship is peaceful.

Beautiful quote on love


I hope you like these quotes of Faiz Ahmad Faiz. Thanks for reading. Jai Hind.

I also recommed you to read the authorized biography of Faiz Ahmad Faiz, written by his grandson, Love and Revolution.

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