15 Best JRD Tata Quotes

There is so much to learn from life of the Bharat Ratna, i.e. The Jewel of India, JRD Tata. In fact, for aspiring entrepreneurs, his thoughts will help them in their journey too. And these quotes of JRD Tata, tell us about the philosophy of one of the greatest Indian industrialists to date.

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JRD Tata Quotes

1. To me Tatas and India are in many ways one and the same, and one of their purposes and the objective is to build India.

JRD Tata quote and his views on India


2. Every politician talks of socialism, no one of the welfare of the people.

JRD Tata on socialism and politicians


3. Many able men are lonely men because they do not consult, they do not share their problems.

Quote by JRD Tata


4. What is good for India is good for Tatas.

JRD Tata views on Tatas and India


5. We must know where to draw the line between the odd, the ridiculous and the attractive.

Quote by JRD Tata


6. India could not afford to stand still while other nations, great and small, were forging ahead.

JRD Tata views on India


7. When we arouse the hopes of people we expect to fulfill these hopes.

JRD Tata views on hope


8. There are two types of pilots, the engineering type, probably the best, who knows all about flying and the natural pilot who flies by the seat of his pants.

Jehangir Tata views on pilots


9. To be a leader you have to lead human beings with affection.

JRD Tata quote and his views on leadership


10. If I have any merit, it is getting on with individuals according to their ways and characteristics.

JRD Tata quote


11. Honestly, if I had not been the son of R. D. Tata or the son of one of the main Tatas, I don’t think I would have been so driven. I was driven by the fact that there was Jamsetji Tata in my life and so that is what urged me to do things to justify myself. I was very doubtful about my own capacity to follow these people. I had great admiration for my father, little for Dorabji Tata, enormous for Jamsetji Tata and what Tatas meant.

JRD Tata views about his family


12. Nationalised airlines would be subject to political influence and pressure in their management with disastrous results in the conduct of a highly specialized industry in which technical progress, safety and buisness drive and initiative are of paramount importance.

JRD views on nationalisation of Air India


13. I came long ago to the conclusion that the three most important requirements for getting along with people, were, first, communication. The second is the need for total honesty and sincerity in dealing with people. The third is to trust and, if possible, to like the people with whom one deals and to inspire a similar response in them.

Motivational quote by JRD Tata


14. Unrealistic and wishful plans, excessive bureaucratic control and an expropriate taxation have been the three principal factors responsible for our present economic plight.

JRD Tata views on bureaucracy


15. The one thing that has made life worthwhile for me is the feeling of being esteemed. Being loved is a great feeling.

Jehangir Tata views about himself


I hope you like these quotes of JRD Tata. Thanks for reading. Jai Hind.

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