15 Best Partition Of India Quotes

On August 15, 1947, multitudes of Indians celebrated India’s independence from the 150-plus year rule of British colonialism. But, at the same time, there were an uncountable number of people who suffered the madness that partition brought with it; other than the deaths of their loved ones in the communal atmosphere of India’s partition. These quotes on the Partition Of India will tell us the thoughts of some of the great people who witnessed that horrific tragedy with their own eyes.

Quotes on India’s Partition or Partition Quotes

1. Division, as Pandit Nehru puts it, is better than a union of unwilling parts.

Pandit Nehru quote on partition of India


2. If India wants her bloodbath, the Mahatma declared, she shall have it.

Mahatma Gandhi on partition of India


3. Jinnah, Nehru, and  Patel told me that they wanted a line before or on 15th August. So I drew them a line.

Partition of India quote and Radcliffe quote on partition


4. I (Mountbatten) am positive that if I can bring in a basket-full of States before the 15th August, Congress will pay whatever price I insist on for the basket.

Mountbatten on partition of India


5. I (Mountbatten) am trying my very best to create an integrated India which, while securing stability, will ensure friendship with Great Britain. If I am allowed to play my own hand without interference I have no doubt I will succeed.

Mountbatten on India


6. Nobody in India will love me for my award about the Punjab and Bengal. And there will be roughly 80 million people with a grievance who will begin looking for me. I do not want them to find me.

Quote on partition of India


7. I (Jawaharlal Nehru) would rather have every village in India go up in flames than keep a single British soldier in India a moment longer than necessary.

Nehru on partition


8. The death toll is just a number. And the people who died during the partition were the epitome of it.

Emotional quote on partition of India


9. We are dealing with a situation which is analogous to war, and we are going to deal with it on a war basis in every sense of the word.

Nehru on partition


10. Ever since I assumed charge of my office, I have done nothing but tried to keep people from killing each other or visited refugee camps and hospitals. All the plans which I had drawn up for making India a prosperous and progressive country have had to be relegated to the background.

Jawaharlal Nehru on India


11. In the Punjab we have 55,000 soldiers and large-scale rioting on our hands. In Bengal our forces consist of one man (Mahatma Gandhi), and there is no rioting.

Mahatma Gandhi and Partition


12. An economic aspiration has started the British Empire. A new economic reality ended it in August 1947.

Quote on partition of India


13. Azadi is coming. India will soon be free. Babuji what is that to me? I am carrying loads now and shall continue carrying them then.

Best lines about Indian partition


14. Partition had a widespread psychological impact which may never be fully recognised or traced.

quote on partition


15. The  Partition Of India was one of the darkest moments in the history of the Indian Subcontinent. The pain of it can be gauged even now among the people. 

An emotional quote on partition


I hope you like these quotes on Indian partition. Thanks for reading. Jai Hind.

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