15 Enlightening Guru Nanak Quotes

Hearing, or, reading the immortal words of Guru Nanak, founder of Sikhism, one of the youngest religions of our world, is a bliss in itself. And these enlightening quotes of Guru Nanak tells us a lot about his thoughts and deeds.

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Guru Nanak Quotes

1. The truth is that there is only one caste in the world and that is mankind.

Guru Nanak quote and his views on caste


2. There is one God. There is no Hindu, there is no Mussalman.

Guru Nanak on Hindu and Muslim


3. Desire for material possessions never brings true happiness.

Guru Nanak on materialism


4. I have no caste to lose. For me there is only one caste, the caste of humanity.

Guru Nanak on caste and humanity


5. By making a full and honest confession of your evil deeds you have taken the first step on the path of redemption. If the rest of your life is spent living the right way, complete redemption will be yours.

Guru Nanak quote and his views on good deeds


6. A true man of God would show tolerance for all beliefs and form of worship.

Baba Nanak on true man of God


7. It was not the ugliness or the disfiguration of the body that was a matter of shame but it was the ugliness of the soul, of the evil deeds that men performed, that was shameful.

Guru Nanak on evil deeds of men


8. The highest merit in life could be earned through selfless service to others.

A beautiful Guru Nanak quote


9. God is formless, omnipotent and omnipresent.

 Nanak on God and his different forms


10. Those who abjure meat and sit holding their noses, eat men at night; They make a show of hypocrisy for others. But have no true knowledge of God.

Guru Nanak on the hypocrisy of men


11. Ritual bathing in holy waters did not cleanse the impurities of the heart and soul. This purity could be achieved only by following the right path in life and by praying for the grace of God.

Guru Nanak quote on ritual bathing and unnecessary traditions


12. Without good deeds both lead only to suffering, Neither Hindu nor Muslim finds refuge in God’s court.

Guru Nanak quote on Good deeds


13. Words do not the saint or sinner make. Action alone is written in the book of fate. What we sow that alone we take; O Nanak, be saved or forever transmigrate.

A realistic quote by Guru Nanak


14. O my stupid heart yet know you not if you forget the one God, all that good in you will rot.

Quote on God


15. I am neither saintly, truthful or erudite. I was born a fool and foolish I remain. Nanak pleads with you in earnest, grant me refuge among those who you never forget.

Guru Nanak on himself


I hope you these Guru Nanak quotes. Thanks for reading. Jai Hind.

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