15 Interesting Facts About Prophet Muhammad

Through these enlightening facts about Prophet Muhammad, we’ll learn some interesting anecdotes related to the life and times of the founder of Islam.

Prophet Muhammad facts

1. Jabal al-Nour, the mountain Muhammad used as a retreat for quiet contemplation.

2. It was the Cave of Thawr, where the Prophet Muhammad had hidden for three days while escaping Mecca for Medina.

3. Islam’s first mosque, built by the Prophet and his companions in Medina, was made of mud bricks in the sand with a roof of palm leaves that leaked in rainstorms.

4. Muhammad’s first biographer was Ibn Ishaq.

5. In Muhammad’s time, the life of a free man was worth about one hundred camels; the life of a free woman, fifty.

Information about Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad, The founder of Islam.

6. Prophet Muhammad’s cousin, Ali, who was Abu Talib’s son, had grown up in the same household as the Prophet and was the next closest person to him after his first wife Khadija.

7. In Muhammad’s lifetime, the Quran was never collected in a single volume. In fact, it was diligently memorized by a new class of scholars, personally instructed by the Prophet, called the Qurra, or Quran readers.

8. Mt. Arafat, the refuge of Adam and Eve after they were exiled from Eden, and the site of Prophet Muhammad’s final sermon.

9. Muhammad was a Quaraysh, a member of the powerful, wealthy tribe that had settled in Mecca and who are known throughout Arabia as Ahl Allah, “the Tribe of God,” the Wardens of the Sanctuary.

10. Muhammad’s clan was known as Banu Hashim, “the Sons of Hashim.” Hashim was the Prophet’s great-grandfather.

11. In Meccan society, Muhammad’s nickname was al-Amin, “the trust-worthy one.”

12. The two largest Arab tribes were the Aws and the Khazraj, the tribe that had originally invited the Prophet and his followers to Yathrib (now Medina).

13. According to Prophet Muhammad, the Jews and Christians were “People of the Book” (ahl al-Kitab), spiritual cousins who, as opposed to the pagans and polytheists of Arabia, worshipped the same God, read the same scriptures, and shared the same moral values as his Muslim community.

14. Muhammad had great reverence for the great Jewish patriarchs. It’s evidenced by the fact that almost every biblical prophet is mentioned in the Quran (Moses nearly 140 times!).

15. Muhammad was given the name Ahmad by his mother, Amina.

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