18 Best My Story Kamala Das Quotes

Through her autobiography, My Story, Kamala Das, not only shared her true and inner most feelings with the readers. In fact, some of her lines about marriage, loneliness, life, and women, are not just too deep but also very meaningful. And these are some of the best quotes from My Story by Kamala Das that I came across while reading the book.

My Story Quotes by Kamala Das

1. I was a burden and a responsibility neither by parents nor my grandmother could put up with for long.

Kamala Das Quote On Women and Marriage


2. Children are intuitive about people and feel more than adults a sense of rejection.

Quote about children


3. The British had instilled in us certain mistaken notions of beauty and refinement.

My Story Kamala Das quote on beauty


4. But poetry does not grow ripe for us, we have to grow ripe enough for poetry.

Kamala Das quote about poetry


5. A poet’s raw material is not stone or clay; it is her personality.

Quote about poet


6. Poets, even the most insignificant of them, are different from other people. They cannot close their shops like shopmen and return home. Their shop is their mind and as long as they carry it with them, they feel the pressures and the torments.

Quote about poets


7. In Bengal the rain falls suddenly with no warnings like the hysterical tears of a woman who herself does not know why she must suddenly burst into tears.

Kamala Das quote on women


8. One’s real world is not what is outside him. It is the immeasurable world inside him that is real. Only the one who has decided to travel inwards, will realise that his route has no end.

Kamala Das quote about life and world


9. The Nepali tunes brought with them the mistiness of the mountains and their tragic loneliness.

Quote on loneliness


10. Society can well ask me how I could become what I became, although born to parents as high-principled as mine were. Ask the books that I read why I changed. Ask the authors dead and alive who communicated with me and gave me the courage to be myself. The books like a mother-cow licked the calf of my thought into shape and left me to lie at the altar of the world as a sacrificial gift.

Quote about books


11. Marriage meant nothing more than a show of wealth to families like ours. The bride was unimportant and her happiness a minor issue.

Quote about marriage


12. I sincerely believe that knowledge is exposure to life.

Quote about knowledge


13. With words I had destroyed my life. I had used them like swords in what was meant to be a purification dance, but blood was unwittingly shed.

Kamala Das on life


14. I have always regarded the hospital as a planet situated like a sandwich filling between the familiar earth and the strange domain of death.

Quote about hospital


15. I have come to believe that life is a mere dream and the death is the only reality.

Quote on life and death


16. Wherever a writer goes, her notoriety precedes her.

Quote about writer


17. We are trapped in immortality and our only freedom is the freedom to discompose.

Quote about freedom


18. My heart resembles a cracked platter that can no more hold anything.

Kamala Das quote on heart



I hope you like these quotes of My Story by Kamala Das. Thanks for reading. Jai Hind.

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