23 Best Book Memes That Readers Will Enjoy

There are so many Benefits Of Reading Books. In fact, reading is a joy in itself, and when it comes to books and readers, there exists some situations which every reader faces in his or her lifetime. Whether it’s from their family members or friends. And these book memes will capture the same moments. I’ve created these book memes based on my experiences as a reader. And I hope you will enjoy the same. Dedicated to all the readers and book nerds out there.

Funny Book Memes

1. Mom: He is spending all his money on books and only books!

Father: Have you gone mad or what?

Me: Yes! I am Mad.
Mai Pagal Hun!

Book meme about readers


2. Friends: Don’t worry, we’ll help you in looting the bookstore.

Me: Omg! You are my real friends.

A funny book meme about book nerds


3. Me: Thinking how to buy more books.

She: This man doesn’t care about me!

Meme about book lovers


4. Me: Can you see what I’m seeing.

She: Yes! Bookstore with an empty pocket.

Meme about bookstore


5. He: Tell me, how many books you’ve stolen from the bookstore.

She: The entire bookstore!

A very funny meme about the bookstore


6. She: Entering the bookstore with full swag.
Suagat Nahin Karoge humara! ( Won’t you welcome me).

Bookstore meme


7. He: Look at this news!

She: Thinking! Other than books, what else can he show!

Meme about readers


8. He: You are like a book! Wants to read you forever!

She: Don’t lie! Books are your first love!

Meme about book lovers


9. She: He sent me these flowers instead of books. Ohh God!

Funny book meme


10. Rider: What a wonderful day it was!

Pillion: Thanks for taking me to the bookfair. I love you!

Meme about a bookfair


11. Lawyers: Such an innocent face and a book thief you’re. Unbelievable.

Me : Reader hun na. Mai dil mai ata hun dimag mai nahin! (I am a reader. I come in heart not in mind.)

Best book meme about book nerds


12. Me: Father! Can you lend me some money for books?

Father: Abe pagle! Aab rulayega kya! Ye le aur jee lee apne jindagi. (You silly! Will you make me cry. Take this and enjoy your life)

Book meme funny


13. Booklover: Singing in marriage and asking people to donate some money for books!

Meme on a book lover


14. He: Look at it so beautiful!

She: Yeah, what a beautiful book it’s. Surreal!

Meme about a reader couple


15. Child: What happened mom?

Mother: Your father lost his bag with full of books!

Booklover meme


16. He: Do you remember our first date

She: Yes! And the beautiful book as a gift you gave it to me!


Best and funny book meme


17. He: The protagonist of that novel is just mind-boggling!

She: Ha Ha Ha! Just like you!

Book meme about a couple


18. Booknerd: Don’t ever touch my books again. Last warning!

Book meme about a book-lover


19. Booknerd: When you miss the coolest deals on books! Aa ja! Vapis aa ja! (Come back! Come back!)

Best meme about books


20. She: Can’t control her emotions after realising that the book which she has lent to her friend has been lost!

A hilarious book meme


21. Book Nerd : In the middle of the road realises instead of refilling the fuel tank, he has spent that money on books! Lanka Lag gayi!

A meme about book nerd


22. She: In her mind, what a wonderful collection of books, I have. I’m on cloud nine!

A meme about book readers


23. Father: Look at these books! These are all yours!

She: Ha Ha Ha! You are the best father in the world!

Best meme about book readers

I hope the reader in you enjoyed these book memes. Thanks for giving your time. Jai Hind.

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Yash Sharma

Namaste reader, My name is Yash, and books for me are like a medicine, which removes my ignorance and also helps me in behaving more like a human.Though I live in the world’s largest democracy, India, but when I look around, I realized that this democratic nation of mine has turned into a kind of feudal oligarchy or kleptocracy, where people from a particular community or I would say particular surname has hijacked this democracy, and the political parties in India has turned itself into a kind of family enterprises where the family members are the only shareholders. And I want to change this, and books are a weapon which is helping me, so that I can help others and my nation.Shukriya for reading this Thought of mine.

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