25 Best Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

When a man of stature like Mahatma Gandhi said something during his life and times, it means each and every word of his contains something important in it. And these quotes of Mahatma Gandhi will enlighten and inspire us about the creeds and deeds of one of the greatest personalities ever born on planet earth.

Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

1. All humanity is one family.

Mahatma Gandhi quote

2. Use your anger for good. Anger to people is like gas to the automobile, it fuels you to move forward and get a better place. Without it, we would not be motivated to rise to a challenge. It is an energy that compels us to define what is just and unjust.

Mahatma Gandhi on anger

3. When we channel electricity intelligently, we can use it to improve our life, but if we abuse it, we could die. So as with electricity, we must learn to use anger wisely for the good of humanity.

Gandhiji inspirational quote

4. Use your anger wisely. Let it help you find solutions of love and truth.

An inspirational quote by Mahatma Gandhi

5. A “no” uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a “yes” merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.

Gandhi on freedom of speech

6. It has always been a mystery to me how men can feel themselves honored by the humiliation of their fellow beings.

Mahatma Gandhi views on humanity

7. A man of few words will rarely be thoughtless in his speech, he will measure every word.

Gandhi on importance of words

8. I feel blessed for who I am, and I hope you do too.

Mahatma Gandhi on himself

9. Your mind should be like a room with many open windows. Let the breeze flow in from all, but refuse to be blown away by any one.

Mahatma Gandhi quote on mind

10. Materialism and morality have an inverse relationship. When one increases, the other decreases.

Mahatma Gandhi on materialism and morality

11. Wasting anything is more than a bad habit. It expresses a carelessness about the world and a violence against nature.

Mahatma Gandhi views on wasting of resources

12. When we consume too many of the resources of the world, we make them even more scarce for others.

Mahatma Gandhi on consumerism

13. Passive violence is the fuel that ignites physical violence in the world. If we want to put out the fire of physical violence, we have to cut the fuel supply.

Mahatma Gandhi on violence

14. Our greed and wasteful habits perpetuate poverty, which is violence against humanity.

MK Gandhi on greed

15. Every part is important and contributes to the whole. Just as this little spring is necessary to make the spinning wheel work properly, so every individual is integral to the bigger society. No one is dispensable or unimportant. We work in unison.

Gandhi ji views on unity

16. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win.

Famous quote of Mahatma Gandhi

17. Let the breeze of knowledge flow in from all the open windows.

Mahatma Gandhi on knowledge

18. Move the world through love, not fear.

Mahatma Gandhi quote on love

19. Respect. Understanding. Acceptance. Appreciation. Compassion. The five pillars of non-violence.

Mahatma Gandhi's five pillars of nonviolence

20. Forgiveness is more manly than punishment.

MK Gandhi views on forgiveness

21. I know how difficult it is to follow this grand law of love. But are not all great and good things difficult to do? Love of the hater is the most difficult of all. But even this most difficult thing becomes easy to accomplish if we want to do it.

Gandhi ji views on love and its importance

22. Politicians often have a track of wrapping truth in a well of mystery and giving to what is temporary and unimportant preference over the permanent and deeply important.

Mahatma Gandhi views on politicians

23. Joy lies in the fight, in the attempt, in the suffering involved, not in the victory itself.

Inspiring words by Mahatma Gandhi

24. An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of teaching.

Inspiring words by Mahatma Gandhi

25. Practice is the best speech and the best propaganda.

Best lines by Mahatma Gandhi

I hope you like these quotes of Mahatma Gandhi. And if you wanna read more about Gandhi ji, then you can also check out this article of mine, 6 Books On Mahatma Gandhi That Everyone Should Read Once In Their Lifetime. Thanks for reading. Jai Hind.

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