25 Best Quotes On Farmers

In this article, we’ll talk about some realistic quotes about farmers and farming. And each quote not only describes a farmer’s life. However, it also informs us of the difficult life they lead. 

Farmers quotes

1. Something is terribly wrong in the countryside.

MS Swaminathan on farmers

2. I am unique; my life an uncommon odyssey; my death will also be like untimely rain.

Quote about farmers

3. We are calves- dumb, hungry calves. We tend to cows, but thieves walk away with the milk and cream. We sweat on field, we cultivate pearls, but our children go hungry.

Emotional lines about farmers

4. Farmers palms are alike, rough, with blurred lines, a sign of the gruelling heavy labour they do every day.

Hard work quote on farmers

5. If I were dead, there would be a story, but I am of little significance now that I am alive.

Heart touching lines about farmers

6. There is no need to consume poison. Farmers will die standing in queues for every damn thing.

Emotional lines on farmers

7. The moment you talk to the Indian peasants and they begin to speak, you will find wisdom drops from their lips. Behind the crude exterior you’ll find a deep reservoir of spirituality.

Gandhi on peasants

8. Life on a farm is slow.

Quote about farm life

9. The Kisan or the peasant, whether as a landless labourer or a labouring proprietor, comes first. He is the salt of the earth which rightly belongs or should belong to him, not to the absentee landlord or Zamindar.

Mahatma Gandhi quote on farmers

10. Keeping a land barren is to a farmer what keeping a factory idle is to an industrialist.

Quote about farmers hard lives

11. There is no other way but to pick up my plough.

Lines about life of a farmer

12. My idea of village  Swaraj is that it is a complete republic, independent of its neighbours for its own vital wants and yet interdependent for many others in which dependence is necessary.

Mahatma Gandhi quote on village swaraj and farmers

13. Farming is the most difficult profession.

Quote on farming

14. It’s cheaper to leave it than to harvest it.

Quotation about farming

15. We feel dead most days. This helps remind us that we are alive.

Emotional lines on farmers

16. There is so much pride when a farmer sees his crop standing robust. It is the culmination of all his hard work and nurturing.

Hard work quote about farmers

17. Who cares about dead farmers? No one even cares about the ones who are alive.

Quote about farmers heart touching

18. The widow of a farmer, burdened with debt, does not have time even to mourn. She has to keep the home and the farm running, generate loans, organize farm inputs, and sell the harvest.

Quote on widow of a farmer

19. The widow whom a farmer leaves behind is thrown into a struggle that she has no choice but to win.

Heart touching quote on widows of farmers

20. The same crop could be a source of both hope and despair for the farmers.

Quote on farming

21. I have no doubt that if we have democratic Swaraj as it must be if the freedom is won through nonviolence, the Kisan must hold power in all its phases including political power.

Gandhiji on farmers

22. You’ve to live through the despair and helplessness, also the embarrassment of going back to your lenders. But you must if you want to till your land. That’s the first thing you learn as a farmer. You must learn to swallow your self-respect and suppress your anger.

Heart touching lines on farmers

23. A good crop. A good year. A good monsoon. A good price. A farmer finds happiness in these four things.

Motivational lines on farmers and farming

24. There is no plan, A, B or C for farmers in case of a bad or delayed monsoon.

Lines on farmers lives

25. For a farmer, the lonely struggle on his farm and that of his fraternity for a decent life goes on.

Emotional quote on farmers and farming

I hope like these quotes about farmers. Thanks for reading. Jai Hind.

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