26 Gandhian Quotes Of Hind Swaraj

In this article we’ll discuss some of the important quotes of Hind Swaraj by Gandhiji. In fact, these quotes will let us know about the views of the ingenious  Mahatma Gandhi. I’ve also written about the book Hind Swaraj, and you can also read that article from here – Hind Swaraj By M K Gandhi

Hind Swaraj Quotes 

1. We want English rule without the Englishman. You want the tiger’s nature, but not the tiger; that is to say, you would make India English. And when it becomes English, it will be called not Hindustan but Englistan. This is not the Swaraj that I want.

Hind swaraj quotes


2. It is a mark of wisdom not to kick away the very step from which we have risen higher. The removal of a step from a staircase brings down the whole of it.

Hind swaraj quotes


3. One who seeks justice will have to do justice to others.

Hind swaraj quotes


4. Civilization seeks to increase bodily comforts, and it fails miserably in doing so.

Hind swaraj quotes


5. Civilization is like a mouse gnawing while it’s soothing us.

Hind swaraj quotes


6. Strength lies in the absence of fear, not in the quantity of flesh and muscle we have on our bodies.

Hind swaraj quotes


7. Evil has wings. To build a house takes time. Its destruction takes none.

Gandhian quotes


8. India cannot cease to be one nation because people belonging to different religions live in it. A country is one nation only when such a condition obtains in it. That country must have a faculty for assimilation. India has ever been such a country.

Gandhian quotes


9. If I were overfull of pity for the cow, I should sacrifice my life to save her but not take my brother’s. This, I hold, is the law of our religion.

Mahatma Gandhi quote on cow


10. A clay pot would break through impact, if not with one stone, then with another. The way to save the pot is not to keep it away from the danger point but to bake it so that no stone would break it.

Gandhian quotes


11. He is a true physician who probes the cause of disease.

Gandhian quotes


12. Civilization is that mode of conduct which points out to man the path of duty. Performance of duty and observance of morality are convertible terms. To obtain morality is to attain mastery over our mind and our passions. So doing, we know ourselves.

Mahatma Gandhi quote on civilization


13. The more we indulge our passions, the more unbridled they become. Our ancestors, therefore, set a limit to our indulgences. They saw that happiness was largely a mental condition.

Mahatma Gandhi quote


14. The tendency of Indian civilization is to elevate the moral being, that of the Western civilization is to propagate immorality.

Mahatma Gandhi on Indian civilization


15. It is Swaraj when we learn to rule ourselves. It is, therefore, in the palm of our hands.

Gandhi quote on Swaraj


16. If the English become Indianized, we can accommodate them. If they wish to remain, in India along with their civilization, there is no room for them.

Mahatma Gandhi quote


17. By patriotism I mean the welfare of the people, and if I secure it at the hands of the English, I should bow down my head to them.

Mahatma Gandhi on patriotism


18. The force of love is the same as the force of the soul or truth.

Mahatma Gandhi quote on love


19. History is a record of the wars of the world. A nation which has no history, that is, no wars, is a happy nation.

Mahatma Gandhi quote on history


20. Passive resistance is an all-sided sword, it can be used anyhow; it blesses him who uses it and him against whom it is used.

Mahatma Gandhi quote on passive resistance


21. Passive resistance, that is, soul force, is matchless. It is superior to the force of arms.

Mahatma Gandhi on passive resistance


22. Education simply means a knowledge of letters. It is merely an instrument, and an instrument may be well used or abused.

Mahatma Gandhi quote on education


23. Those that take the sword shall perish by the sword.

Hind swaraj quotes


24. Real home rule is self-rule or self-control.

Mahatma Gandhi quote on home rule


25. He whose mind is given over to animal passions is not capable of any great effort.

Hind swaraj quotes


26. A man who has realized his manhood, who fears only God, will fear no one else.

Hind swaraj quotes


I hope you like these quotes of Hind Swaraj, Thanks for reading, Jai Hind.

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