28 Best Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan Quotes

These quotes by Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, or, The Frontier Gandhi, tells us about the thoughts of the non-violent Pathan (Pakhtun) of the NWFP (North-West Frontier Province, now Khyber Pakhtunkhawa) and one of the greatest disciples of Mahatma Gandhi who followed his creed and deed through thick and thin.

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan Quotes or Frontier Gandhi Quotes

1. The fact is that the cruel are never brave. The brave never oppress anyone.

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan quote on bravery


2. One difference between individual and collective action is that the government can silence and eliminate individual protests. This is the reason that in individualism, there is a lot of fear and pity. However, a government cannot kill a collective movement because there is no fear in it.

Best Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan quote


3. We do not marry our children to wealth as we consider decency, capability and dignity more important in a marriage.

Best quote on marriage


4. Nations are not woken up merely through prayer. To awaken a nation, leaders are needed who are selfless, honest and are ready to serve their people.

Quote by Bacha Khan aka The Frontier Gandhi


5. There is always love between those who have the same objectives. They will have differences of opinion amongst themselves, but this is always a blessing for the group.

Quote by Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan


6. My religion is truth, love and service to God and humanity. Every religion has brought the message of love and brotherhood. Those who are indifferent to the welfare of their fellowmen, whose hearts are empty of love, they do not know the meaning of religion.

Best quote on religion


7. Foreign governments are based on creating fear in the hearts of the citizens, and when fear is removed from the hearts of the people, the foundations of foreign governments are shaken.

Quote by Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan


8. The feeling of nationalism awoke in me when I began to associate with nationalists.

Quote on nationalism


9. I would always try to remove the sense of inferiority from the minds of the women, which had been inculcated in them by ignorant and selfish men.

Best quote on women


10. In all honesty, faith is about doing good deeds.

Quote about honesty


11. The truth is that no one confers rights on anyone; rights are always snatched.

Quote on rights


12. The weakness of the Muslims of Hindustan was that they were not interested in their internal affairs but were preoccupied with those of foreign lands.

Quotes about Muslims of India or Hindustan


13. It is very difficult to combat public opinion.

Quote on public opinion


14. Revolution is the outcome of patient work. It requires education and knowledge. Revolution needs people who can convince the nation of the need for revolution.

Best quote on revolution


15. We should always consider the comfort and well-being of our fellow human beings; and whatever we do, we should first experiment with it ourselves. If we are comfortable with it, only then should we choose it for others.

Best quote about humanity


16. Man is so unaware of his fate!

Quote on fate


17. The prejudices of generations cannot be changed overnight.

Best Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan quote


18. Everyone’s dignity and self-respect is in their own hands; and if everyone was to control their own desires and needs, their would always be at peace, content and honourable.

Quote on dignity and self-respect


19. A revolution is like a flood. When it comes, it sweeps away those who are asleep; and those who are awake benefit from it.

Quote on revolution


20. That whoever had decided to serve humanity, had to face pain and undergo hardships.

Quote by Bacha Khan


21. A Khudai Khidmatgar would serve his land and people for the sake of God only. He would have no other objective in mind. He will abandon customs and rituals and would do physical labour for two hours every day. When he would take this oath, only then would we write his name in the list of the Khudai Khidmatgar.

Best quote and lines on Khudai Khidmatgar


22. When misfortune befalls a nation, one becomes a fool, even if one has a rational mind.

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan quote or Bacha Khan quote


23. The sapling of liberty prospered only with the blood of the martyrs.

Quote on liberty and martyrs


24. I have always believed that the development of people was possible only when its women stood shoulder to shoulder with their men, like the second wheel of a two-wheeled cart.

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan on women


25. The Pukhtuns were such a people who, instead of the use of force, were persuaded more by kindness.

Best quote on Pashtuns


26. Nations cannot prosper merely on claims and speeches.

Quote by Badshah Khan or Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan


27. The success of every movement is dependent on its leader. If he is clever and brave, the followers are also brave and understanding. If the leader is weak and shortsighted, then the followers are also weak and devoid of vision.

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan quote on leadership


28. History has shown that movements originating in the cities have come to an end at the hands of the rulers, but village-based movements cannot be ended easily.

Best quote about protest or village based movements


I hope you like these quotes of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan aka the Frontier Gandhi. Thanks for reading. Jai Hind.

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