5 Steps Which Will Help You Remember What You Read For A Long Time

There are so many benefits Of reading. But, the issue arises when we start forgetting what we have read, isn’t it. And this is quite normal. Because, we can’t remember everything mentioned in the book or from the source from which we gather information. And we all are aware of this metaphor which says, With time memory fades. And to ensure that whatever we’ve read should remain in our memory for a longer period of time, we can follow these five steps which will help us to recall what we’ve read within a fraction of a second.


Tips that will help you remember for a longer period of time

 Remember what you read for a long time, Tips and tricks.


5 Tips that will help you remember for a longer period of time

1. Write what you read

2. Discuss what you read

3. Recall what you read

4. Share what you read

5. Reread what you read


Write what you read

One of the best ways to remember what we read for a long time is to write down our thoughts about it. Either you can note down some important points related to it, or, you can summarise it in your own words.

You can also purchase a particular notebook or diary for this purpose. It will not only help you remember what you read. But with time your writing skills will also improve. And if you don’t wanna carry a notebook then you can also use your mobile phone or Tablet for that. But make sure you write down your thoughts.

Another thing which you can try after reading a book, is that you can write a review about it. All of this will help you in remembering what you have read for a long span of time.


Discuss what you read

After reading about a particular topic, you can also discuss about it with your friends and family alike. Because, while discussing about the topic, our mind keeps remembering about it, on which the discussion is going on.

Take this, for example, and assume that you’ve read about the life and times of The First Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak. And you want to ensure that you remember about him for a long time. So, for this you can start a discussion about him with your near and dear ones, which will help you in remembering some of the important things which you’ve read about him, isn’t it. But, make sure the discussion will remain cordial.


Recall what you read

After the reading, one can also recall the information that he has read inside his mind. If we keep doing this time and again, it will also help in remembering what we have read for a long period of time. In fact, during your idle time you can keep asking questions to yourself about the topic which you have read previously. This will not only sharpen your memory, but you will be able to share your views about that topic quite fast vis-a-vis others.


Share what you read

To retain what you have read for a long time, you can also share your views about it on your social media platforms. And this will not only help you, but it will also help others who will gain some information about the topic which you’ve shared about. In fact, good things need to be shared. So, spread the knowledge and enlighten the world.


Reread what you read

Last but not the least, make sure you reread what you have read. This method to retain information for a long span of time is evergreen. In fact, the more we revise, the more our memory stores it inside our all-powerful brain. So, make sure you revise on a regular basis.

I hope you like these 5 tips which will help you remember what you read for a long time. Thanks for reading, Jai Hind.

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