9 Major Benefits Of Using Goodreads

There are many benefits of using Goodreads. But, In this article we’ll discuss about the nine major aspects of this reading app which will help us in our reading journey.

And those of you who are not aware about Goodreads and how to use it. Then, you can read this article of mine, What Is Goodreads And How To Use It. Here, I gave a brief introduction of this app. And how you can make an account on it.

So, let’s discuss about its benefits,


Goodreads Benefits –

1. Helps in maintaining reading schedule

2. Read reviews before buying a book

3. Meet like minded people

4. Reading challenge

5. News and Interviews

6. Join different reading groups

7. Giveaways

8. Link with Your Amazon account

9. Hassle-Free usage


Benefits of Goodreads

Important benefits of Goodreads

Helps in maintaining reading schedule-

In today’s world of Helter-skelter, we often found that maintaining a diary for our reading journey is not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, we all prefer a place where we can easily maintain our reading schedule. Be it the books which we wanted to read; the book which we read currently, and the books which we have already read. And for all of this, Goodreads helps us a lot. The picture below gives us an idea about how we can give a perfect order to our reading journey.

My Books section of the Goodreads app

In the ‘Mybooks’ section of the Goodreads app, we can maintain a particular chart for our books. And it will differ from reader to reader. You can name your chart as you want.

Read reviews before buying a book-

Book reviews gives us an idea about that particular book. And from a reader’s point of view it would be good before purchasing it. Although, you have to be cautious while reading reviews. Because, be it Goodreads or any other platform, you’ll find paid as well as too harsh reviews of a book. So, take reviews with a pinch of salt. But, with time you’ll be able to differentiate between genuine readers and imposters.

Meet Like Minded People-

Goodreads also gives its users an opportunity to interact and make friends from the readers around the globe. After creating an account on Goodreads, you can either follow someone or you can send friend request to that individual. After accepting your request, you can not only send messages to them but you can also see his or her reading choices. And if you like his or her books then you can also show your appreciation by giving them a like.

Reading Challenge-

To improve our reading journey as a reader, we can also give ourselves an yearly book reading challenge on Goodreads. And this reading task will differ from reader to reader. Take this for example, In the year 2021, I’ve decided to read at least 31 books. And I’ve successfully completed that challenge by the end of the year.

Reading challenge of the Goodreads

In fact, on Goodreads we can easily track the number of pages which we have read in an year. And also the shortest and longest book of that year too can be seen there.

News and Interviews-

In the discover section of the Goodreads app, we can also read articles and interviews related to books, authors and other important stuff related to reading.

News and interviews section of the Goodreads

In fact, some articles there also gives us tips and tricks to improve our reading journey.

Join different reading groups-

Like on several social media platforms we see several groups which talks about topics on which it’s created. On Goodreads too, we can also join several reading groups.

Reading groups on Goodreads

It’s up to you that which group you wanna join as a reader. The image below gives us an idea about the types of groups that exists on this platform.


A book lover can skip buying the new gadgets available in the market; they can even manage with a pair of clothes. But, their hunger for books will remain insatiable forever. That’s why when they hear about a book sale or Giveaways of books, then for them it’s like a festival. And Goodreads also offers Giveaways of books. But, at present this facility is available for the residents of the USA and Canada. Although, in the near future it will be available for people of other nationalities too.

Link with your Amazon account-

We can also link our Amazon account smoothly with Goodreads. In fact, Goodreads is a subsidiary of Amazon. The books which we have saved on our Amazon account’s wishlist can be added on our Goodreads account too.

Hassle-Free usage –

Although, developing an app or a website requires not only skills but a good amount of money too. And usually we see advertisements on them. Through those ads the devloper earns not only his bread and butter. But, it also helps him in maintaining the costs of running his online platform. Although, too many and unnecessary ads ruins the reading experience of that visitor. That’s why keeping the ads to a minimum is considered as a good practice. And on Goodreads, we experience the same. A clean user interface of this app makes the experience of a reader good.

I hope you like these benefits of using Goodreads. Thanks for reading, Jai Hind.

You can also check out my Goodreads account- Dontbignorant

And feel free to message me if you have any questions regarding books or any other topic(s) you wanna discuss about.

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