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I’m Yash Sharma, from one of the oldest civilizations of the world, Bharat, i.e. Hind, Hindustan, or India. And I’m glad that you came here and reading this thought of mine. I’ve developed this platform for readers like you. Because, for me, books are not only a source of knowledge about this chaotic world of ours. But, at the same time, the love they give to us is unparalleled. You will experience the same too once you start reading.

But, as you know for students money is always a constraint. Especially, for those people who wanna read and buy books. But, they can’t due to lack of resources. That’s why I started this blog of mine. So that whether you have financial resources or not. But, at least, you can read about books, especially books related to Indian Subcontinent. And gain knowledge and become a better version of yourself. I hope my words will help you in your life as well as studies!


In this blog of mine you will get,

1. Reviews of books, both fiction and non-fiction.

2. Ads free articles. So, that you can read easily.

3. Book Suggestions related to various topics.

4. Quotes of famous books and Personalities.

5. Articles related to some of the great people like Mahatma Gandhi and others!

And if you think that the time you’ve spent here is worth it. Then, do share the articles with your friends and family alike. Thanks for reading. Jai Hind.

If you have any questions regarding reading, writing and books, then feel free to ask me. And don’t hesitate to ask.

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Yash Sharma, founder of dontbignorant