The 11 Best Interpreter Of Maladies Quotes By Jhumpa Lahiri

In this brief article we will talk about the eleven best quotes of the award winning book of Jhumpa Lahiri, Interpreter of maladies. I’ve also written an article about her book, and you can read my review of the book from here- Interpreter Of Maladies.


The Interpreter of maladies quotes-

1. Maladies, poorly interpreted, can’t be cured.

Interpreter of maladies quotes


2. For what is a writer, if not an interpreter of maladies?

Interpreter of maladies quotes


3. I only spoil children who are incapable of spoiling.

Quotes by Jhumpa Lahiri


4. Believe me, don’t believe me. My life is composed of such griefs you cannot even dream them.

Jhumpa Lahiri Quotes


5. I know what it’s like to be lonely.

Interpreter of maladies quotes


6. When I was your age I was without knowing that one day I would be so far. You are wiser than that, Eliot. You already taste the way things must be.

Interpreter of maladies quotes


7. To every problem there is a solution.

Quotes by Jhumpa Lahiri


8. The world begins at the bottom of the stairs. Now I am free to discover life as I please.

A Jhumpa Lahiri quote


9. I ask you, is it fair for a girl to sit out her years, pass neglected through her prime, listing labels and prices without promise of a future?

Quotes by Jhumpa Lahiri


10. Her voice was louder than necessary, as if she were talking to a deaf person. Is it wrong to envy you, all brides and mothers, busy with lives and cares? Wrong to want to shade my eyes, scent my hair? To raise a child and teach him sweet from sour, good from bad?

Interpreter of maladies quote


11. In my son’s eyes I see the ambition that had first hurled me across the world. In a few years he will graduate and pave his way, alone and unprotected. But I remind myself that he has a father who is still living, a mother who is happy and strong. Whenever he is discouraged, I tell him that if I can survive on three continents, then there is no obstacle he cannot conquer.

A Jhumpa Lahiri quote


I hope you like these quotes of the interpreter of maladies. Thanks for reading, Jai Hind.

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