The 15 Best The Girl With Seven Names Quotes

In this article we’ll talk about some of the best quotes of  The Girl With Seven Names quotes by Hyeonseo Lee. These quotes will gives us a glimpse about the most secret nation of planet earth, i.e., The Kingdom of the Kim dynasty, North Korea.

The Girl With Seven Names quotes by Hyeonseo Lee

1. I’m telling them about the girl who grew up believing her nation to be the greatest on earth, and who witnessed her public execution at the age of seven.

The girl with seven names quote


2. Leaving North Korea is not like leaving any other country. It is more like leaving another universe.

The girl with seven names quote on North Korea


3. In North Korea, bribery is often the only way of making anything happen, or of circumventing a harsh law, or a piece of nonsense ideology. 

Quote on North Korea


4. Kind people who put others before themselves would be the first to die. It was the ruthless and the selfish who would survive.

Quote on kind people


5. North Korea is an atheist state. Anyone caught in possession of a Bible faces execution or a life in the gulag. Kim worship is the only permitted outlet for spiritual fervour.

The girl with seven names quote about North Korea


6. Starvation can drive people to insanity.

Quote on starvation


7. We were all Koreans, sharing the same language and culture, yet we were technically at war.

Quote about Koreans


8. In North Korea the only laws that truly matter, and for which extreme penalties are imposed if they are broken, touch on loyalty to the Kim dynasty.

Quote on Kim dynasty of North Korea


9. A well known saying in North Korea goes, Just as a jackal cannot become a lamb, so American imperialists cannot change their rapacious nature.

Quotes about North Korea


10. Some convictions would not change overnight.

Quotes about conviction


11. If the North Korean people acquired an awareness of their rights, of individual freedoms and democracy, the game would be up for the regime in Pyongyang.

The girl with seven names quotes


12. I had grown up in a communist state where the Fatherly leader provided for all.

The girl with seven names quotes


13. One of the main reasons that distinctions between oppressor and victim are blurred in North Korea is that no one there has any concept of rights.

Quotes about North Korea


14. Dictatorships may seem strong and unified, but they are always weaker than they appear. They are governed by the whim of one man, who can’t draw upon a wealth of discussion and debate, as democracies can, because he rules through terror and the only truth permitted is his own.

Quote about dictatorship


15. The people would realise that in North Korea full human rights are exercised and enjoyed by one person only, the ruling Kim. He is the only figure in North Korea who exercises freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, his rights not to be tortured, imprisoned, or executed without trial, and his right to proper healthcare and food.

Quotes about North Korea


I hope you like these quotes of the girl with seven names, Thanks for reading, Jai Hind.

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