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In Nadia Hashimi’s, A House Without Windows we came to know about the story of an Afghan woman by the name of Zeba. So, let’s also discuss some of the readable quotes of a house without windows.

A house without windows quotes –


1. Thunderstorms don’t show up when you need them.

A house without windows quote


2. Adolescence had gifted him with the unfortunate insight to see his parents for what they were. Home had not been a refuge. Home had been, for as long as Basir could remember, a broken place, broken dishes, broken ribs, broken spirits.

A house without windows quote


3. The fact that they had so little in common seemed to draw them to each other. Language, religion, professional fields, they studied each other with almost academic interest.

A Nadia Hashimi quote


4. Imagine a home led by three different patriarchs in one year, she thought to herself. No, this kind of home could not survive, nor could a country.

A house without windows quote


5. No wife or husband is without fault. Only those two know the truth of their story.

A husband and wife quote


6. We’re going to have bigger problems here as soon as they leave. Sometimes you’re so worried about getting rid of the ants in your house that you don’t notice the mice lying in wait.

A house without windows quote


7. They were like two horses with blinders on, standing side by side and pretending not to be aware the other existed.

A house without windows quote


8. Anyone with a heavy chest can be a poet.

A quote about a poet


9. The way a woman ultimately felt about her husband, whether she would spit his name out or whisper it in rapture, this would be decided over the course of years. It would be decided only after thousands of meals had been prepared, after the birth of a few children, after the death of a loved one, after a few nights spent apart and the temperaments had shifted between hot and cold like the seasons.

A husband and wife quote


10. Boredom is a crime waiting to happen.

A quote about boredom


11.They like to keep people a good, long time before they even start the trial. Keep you in here so long that you and everyone you know start to believe you’re guilty for whatever’s written in your file.

A quote about judiciary


12. Any parent, his mother had told him once, is better than no parent at all.

A quote about parents


13. Sometimes people needed time to understand what was best for them.

A house without windows quote


14. I’m defending a woman who doesn’t want to be defended.

A quote about a lawyer


15. Our minds are wild beasts. We tame them with fear of God or punishment, but sometimes they refuse to cower. That’s when things turn ugly.

A quote about human mind


16. The wrong spouse can make a person crazy. Or can at least make a person do crazy things.

A quote about spouses


17. Tonight, you will listen to the sorrows of my soul. Though tomorrow, you will forget all that has been told.

A quote about love


18. It’s amazing how capable and resourceful they are in finding a woman who’s escaped from a deadly home. No criminal is worse than a woman who wants to live for herself.

Quote about women


19. The rest of the world bows their heads to you, dear judge. It’s my job to remind you you’re just a man.

A house without windows quote


20. Let justice find its rightful owner.

A quote about justice


I hope you like these quotes of a house without windows by Nadia Hashimi. Thanks for reading, Jai Hind.

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    At least there is one parent left. That one standing by his/her child’s side will do everything to raise the kid well. As a child, be thankful and love thy parent wholeheartedly. Everything will be paid off. Have a good heart. I like this article Yash. Good job.

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