The 31 Nadia Hashimi, When The Moon Is Low Quotes

Although, When The Moon Is Low By Nadia Hashimi is a novel which deserves to be read. But, some quotes in the book also needs to be looked at.


When the moon is low quotes –

1. Afghanistan is a land of widows and widowers, orphans and the missing. Missing a right leg, a left hand, a child, or a mother. Everyone was missing something, as if a black hole had opened in the center of the country, sucking in bits and pieces of everyone into its hard belly. Somewhere under our khaki earth is everything we’ve ever lost.

When the moon is low quotes


2. Though I love to see my children resting soundly, In the quiet of their slumber my uneasy mind retraces our journey.

When the moon is low quotes


3. My fate was sealed in blood on the day of my birth.

When the moon is low quotes


4. My mother’s death didn’t affect my brother’s life the way it did mine.

When the moon is low quotes


5. But being without a mother is like being stripped naked and thrown into the snow.

Nadia Hashimi Quotes


6. I knew girls who hadn’t gone to school usually married earlier, and I did not want to be married.

Nadia Hashimi quotes


7. I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but I had no interest in marriage and the household that would come along with it.

Nadia Hashimi quotes


8. Nothing is foolish to the adolescent. The adolescent acts, without questioning the wisdom of the action.

Quote on Adolescent


9. But I was lonely. Not one person in my family knew how I felt. Not one person knew why. My distress was trapped in my throat like something I could neither choke down nor spit out.

Quote on loneliness


10. People fear what they cannot see.

Quote on fear


11. As you tread to the temple of your supreme pursuit, A hundred peaks may hinder your route, With the hatchet of persistence, conquer each, And bring your aspirations within your reach.

Inspiring quote


12. A girl raised without her mother is not exactly the kind of wife a family welcomes with open arms.

Quote on a girl child without mother


13. Jealousy curdles the soul like a drop of vinegar in milk.

Quote about jealousy


14. By the flame of adolescent emotion, I feel deeper in love with the man yet unseen.

Quote about adolescent love


15. Love grows wildest in the gardens of hardship.

Quote about love


16. The anticipation of a reprimanding was always worse than the reprimanding itself.

Nadia Hashimi quotes


17. He undid all that this world had done to me.

When the moon is low quotes


18. For an Afghan, pride is harder to swallow than a bag of nails.

Quote on Afghan


19. A young man needs to be someone’s boy.

Quote about a man


20. People have different ways of saying goodbye, especially when it is forever.

Quote about goodbye


21. While war had turned some Afghans into lions, it had turned a good number of us into mice as well.

Quote about Afghans


22. Fate will make things right in the end, though only after the work has been done, the tears have been shed and the sleepless nights have been endured.

Quote about fate


23. If he wanted to be treated as a man, he would have to act like one.

Quote about a man


24. I prayed for a way to love my husband in death as wholly as I’d loved him in life.

Quote about love of a husband


25. Grudges don’t die, people do.

Quote about grudges


26. An entire lifetime can change in one afternoon. The rest of the world can continue on, unaware of a quiet, solitary cataclysm occurring a few feet away.

Quote about destiny


27. Two thousand years of peace could be undone in a month of war.

Quote about war and peace


28. Afghanistan is a like a woman too beautiful for her own good.

Quote about Afghanistan


29. Empty pockets did not mean an empty soul.

Quote about gratitude


30. It’s never easy to leave one’s home, especially when there are only closed doors ahead of you.

Quote on a refugee


31. However tall the mountain, my son, the old man said. There is a way to the other side.

An inspirational quote


I hope you like these when the moon is low quotes. Thanks for reading, Jai Hind.

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    There are so many that demand a deep thought but for me no. 13 and 31 are like eye openers. Good job Yash👍👍👍

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