The kingdom of Kim dynasty : North Korea

The Great leader and the fighter pilot, The true story of the tyrant who created North Korea and the young lieutenant who stole his way to freedom is a good work of non-fiction, which tells us the story of two men and their different ideas of life.


A book on the history of North Korea

The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot: The True Story of the Tyrant Who Created North Korea and the Young Lieutenant Who Stole His Way to Freedom


In 2002, the then, president of the United States of America, George W. Bush talked about the Axis of evil.


The three countries which he considered as an epitome of evil were Iran, Iraq and North Korea. 


Although, with time and because of the new geopolitical conditions, Iraq was removed from that list, but Iran and North Korea are still there.


And between Iran and North Korea, the latter country still remain an enigma for the whole world.


North Korea, is a perfect example of a Totalitarian state.


A nation which not only admire people like Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong but they also follow the inhumane policies of these two mass murderers.


But, here few questions arises

How North Korea Was Formed :-

In 1905, the imperial Japan occupied the Korean peninsula and they ruled it with an iron fist until their defeat in the WW2 in 1945 by the allied forces. 


As United States and Soviet Union were part of the Allied forces, so they divided the Korean peninsula amongst themselves.


An imaginary line of 38th Parallel was drawn on the Korean peninsula. 


The North Korea was came under the influence of Soviet union, and South Korea came under the guidance of United States.


That’s how this rogue state came into its being.


Who was Kim-il-sung?

Kim-il-sung was the founder of the ‘Kim dynasty’ and the first president of North Korea. 


Kim Il Sung was the puppet of Stalin and Mao. 


These two people helped him through thick and thin. 


Although, Kim was considered as an incompetent and a reckless person by them.


But somehow he not only successfully established his family cult in this rogue state, but he also outmaneuvered, Mao and Stalin when it comes to megalomaniacism.


Joseph Stalin was the man whom Kim Il Jung idolized. 


He not only followed the principles of Stalinism but he also made sure that his heirs will also follow them, which they did quite successfully.


Other than Kim, the book is also about the story of a korean boy who not only became the youngest fighter pilot in North Korea but very smartly he fooled the then North Korean administration and flew with a Mig-15 towards South Korea and later he became a citizen of the USA.


The author of this book has really done a good job. Those of you who are interested in reading about rocket man’s country then you can surely go for this book.


I will end with these lines –


‘Facts are many, but the truth is one.’


My Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)


I hope you like this, Thanks for reading, Jai Hind.


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Yash Sharma

Namaste reader, My name is Yash, and books for me are like a medicine, which removes my ignorance and also helps me in behaving more like a human.Though I live in the world’s largest democracy, India, but when I look around, I realized that this democratic nation of mine has turned into a kind of feudal oligarchy or kleptocracy, where people from a particular community or I would say particular surname has hijacked this democracy, and the political parties in India has turned itself into a kind of family enterprises where the family members are the only shareholders. And I want to change this, and books are a weapon which is helping me, so that I can help others and my nation.Shukriya for reading this Thought of mine.

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  1. Aishwarya says:

    You introduced the history of Korea’s existence in a very simple yet informative manner, anyone lacking the insight of Korea’s background will also understand it easily. Once again you have drawn the attention of your readers towards the lesser known personality and it was interesting indeed 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  2. felicha says:

    North Korea has very strict leadership and has been hereditary. That makes this country a disciplined country. Thought for a review of this book has been very good 🙂

  3. Fah says:

    Good, your writing is very good

  4. Sheen says:

    Excellent Yash! North Korea is an interesting country and you were able to write briefly about it. This article is highly recommended. Keep up 👍🏻

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    Although it is a short article it gives a clear understanding about North Korea as well as an overview of the book.. Keep writing..

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