What is Biography and Autobiography

Hello there! I hope you are doing well. I will try to explain in simple terms that what is the difference between Biography and Autobiography.

What is Biography and Autobiography


Biography – When a Person writes someone else’s story, then we call it as, Biography.


Example – There are several biographies of Mahatma Gandhi, but there is only one Autobiography of him.


Types of Biography :-

There are two types of Biography. One is known as the Authorized Biography. The other one is known as the Unauthorized Biography.

  1. Authorized Biography- When a person authorize someone to tell his/her story with important inputs, then it known as Authorized Biography.


2.Unauthorized Biography – When a person writes a story of someone’s else on his own, then it as known as Unauthorized Biography.



Autobiography – When a person writes his or her story in his own words, then it is known as Autobiography.


Example – Nelson Mandela had written his story with his own words, The name of his Autobiography is, Long Walk to Freedom .


Biographies and Autobiographies are one of the most important sources of information when it comes to reading about a person(s) or an institution(s).


And I strongly recommend to readers that at least try to read them. It will help you a lot.


I hope now you will get a clarity between what is Biography and Autobiography.



Thanks for Reading 🙂


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