Why I Am An Atheist: Bhagat Singh And His Thoughts

Why I am an atheist by Bhagat Singh is an epitome which clearly shows that a true patriot, a true revolutionary and a human with strong willpower won’t even withdraw from his (or her) thoughts and cause no matter what others will say about him or his ideas.

Unity in diversity, The maxim which represents what the Indian civilization stood for. In fact, prior to Indian independence there were several different ideologies which tried to gain acceptance amongst the multitudes of Hindustan.

Like there were constitutionalists or moderates, liberals, communalists, Gandhian creed of non-violence and the revolutionaries who adhered to the principles of socialism.

Amongst the different ideologies mentioned above some gained acceptance from the Indian masses. And some of them were outrightly rejected by the majority.

But, two people or I would say two different and diametrically opposite ideologies not only received love and admiration amongst the people of India. But, with time they became a force to reckon with.

The first one is the Mahatma Gandhi’s creed of non-violence. The second one is the revolutionary principles of Bhagat Singh.

Here, we’ll discuss not only about those principles of Singh but also about his essay on atheism.

What is why I am an atheist by Bhagat Singh?

Why I am an atheist by Bhagat Singh is an essay which he wrote in 1930 in Central Jail of Lahore. It was written in response to some of his friends who said that he became an atheist because of vanity.

Why I am an atheist by Bhagat Singh

Why I am an atheist, Bhagat Singh.

I strongly recommend this piece of work to not only people of India but also to people of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Sardar Bhagat Singh is a shared heritage which needs to be cherished by all irrespective of his or her caste, creed, religion, colour and gender.

Bhagat Singh, Atheism and the idea of God-

As, there are chances that some of you might not be familiar with the name of Bhagat Singh. So, let me give you a brief introduction about this brave man.

Bhagat Singh was an Indian revolutionary who sacrificed his life at the altar of Independence at the age of 23. He was hanged to death by the British imperialist Government On March 23, 1931, Lahore, Undivided Punjab, British India.

I’ve written an article on him. For further reading you can check that too by clicking here, Without Fear, The Life and Trial Of Bhagat Singh.

So, let’s come to our topic of discussion. In his essay titled, Why I am an Atheist, Singh clearly mentioned that he became an atheist not because of his vanity or his popularity amongst the multitude. But, he became an atheist because of his mode of thinking.

Let me quote one of the famous quotes of Bhagat Singh which will describe his mode of thinking –

Study was the cry that reverberated in the corridors of my mind. Study to enable yourself to face the arguments advanced by opposition. Study to arm yourself with arguments in favor of your cult. I began to study.

In fact, he grew up in a religious household. Both his grandfather and father were believers in the idea of God. But, with time and his study of the idea of the omnipotent, omnipresent God whom he termed as the ‘Eternal Nero’. He came to the conclusion that there is no thing as such God.

As he was a knowledgeable man who loves to read books. In his article too he had quoted several books and arguments for his belief in the philosophy of atheism. Be it the Origin theory of Charles Darwin or the revolutionaries of the Soviet Russia particularly Lenin whom he admired a lot.

Not only he presented his arguments very diligently but he also put forward several valid questions to those who believes in the idea of the Almighty God.

Like he asked, If there is a God then why can’t he stop the exploitation of the poor. In fact, he put forward this question not only to the followers of Hinduism and Sikhism but also to those who follows religions like Islam and Christianity.

Although, he clearly said that he is against those who follows anything blindly. But, he mentioned this too –

If after considerable reasoning one is led to believe in any theory or philosophy, his faith is welcomed.

So, in a nutshell Bhagat Singh discredited the idea of God. But, he was fine too if someone found solace in it.

As he said this about the God and the believer-

The idea of God is helpful to a man in distress.

I am what I am –

Bhagat Singh was amongst those few revolutionaries of India who stayed true to their cause till their last breath. In fact, after he condemned to death by the British authorities in the Second Lahore Conspiracy Case, he wrote a letter in which he said that since he was a war prisoner who waged a war against the, his majesty Government, so they should shot him to death instead of the hanging.

He knew since he joined the revolutionary movement of India that sooner than later he will die. But, he had the clarity of thoughts for which he gave his life.

In fact, his father, Sardar Kishan Singh who was also an Indian freedom fighter submitted a petition to the British authorities. In the petition his father said that they (British) should give a chance to Bhagat Singh so that he will prove his innocence.

When Bhagat Singh came to know about this petition he was shattered to the core. He wrote a letter to his father in which he rebuked him with some harsh words.

Because according to Bhagat Singh when the fate of a country is being decided, the fate of the individual should be forgotten. These are the principles which he followed in his life through thick and thin.

In fact, it’s not only his courage for which he loved in India. But, the knowledge which he possessed at an age of 23 made him immortal in the annals of history.

Let me conclude with these immortal words of this legendary man –

Long Live The Revolution!

Inquilab Zindabaad!

I hope you like this, Thanks for reading, Jai Hind.

My Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5) 

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