Women at war : The Rani of Jhansi Regiment (RJR)

I want a unit of brave Indian women to form a “Death-Defying Regiment” who will wield the sword which the brave Rani of Jhansi wielded in India’s First war of Independence’.


Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

Book on the Rani of Jhansi Regiment and its history.

The Rani of Jhansi Regiment, The revolutionary idea of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.


Women at war, Subhash Chandra Bose and the Rani of Jhansi Regiment, was thoroughly researched and a beautifully written book on a subject which in India very few people are aware of.


It’s a story of a man and his revolutionary idea which led to the creation of the Rani of Jhansi Regiment (RGR).


What was the Rani of Jhansi Regiment?

The Rani of Jhansi Regiment (RGR), the first all-female infantry fighting unit in the Military history, was created in Singapore in 1943 by Netaji Subhash Bose.


This book also tells us about those Brave Daughters of mother India, who left their friends and families, to fight for a country which they had never seen in their life.


These women were born and brought up in the Indian diaspora community of Malaysia, Burma (now Myanmar), and Singapore.


In this 21st century era when women all over the world are fighting for their rights, especially for the equality of the opportunities in every field, be it sports, politics or economics.


Why Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose created the Rani of Jhansi Regiment?

Around 75 years ago a man by the name of Subhash Chandra Bose created the ‘First all-female infantry’ fighting unit in the military history.


A very radical thought even at that time.


He talked about equality for both men and women.


He dreamt of an independent India where both women and men will work together for the development of his beloved country.


He was a man who was way ahead of his time.


Albeit, he died in 1945 in an airplane crash, but his ideas are still alive and relevant.


Who was Subhash Chandra Bose?

Subhash chandra bose was an Indian Freedom Fighter who unlike mahatma gandhi, believed in the ‘Principle of Force’.


And also on the concept of ‘The enemy’s enemy is my friend’.


That’s why in the world war second he supported the Axis Powers instead of the Allies.


Although, there is one similarity between Mahatma Gandhi and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.


Both leaders encouraged the women of India to participate and contribute in the Indian Freedom Movement.


As Netaji died in 1945, so we can’t predict accurately that why he created the Rani of Jhansi Regiment (RJR)


Although, there are several theories on the creation of RJR which is discussed by the author very well in this book.


Although, the Ranis who were part of the RJR never fought against the enemy, never fired a single bullet on the front line.


But, ‘It’s the effort that counts’, rather than the end result.


And those brave young women who left their homes for the sake of their motherland are the real heroines of Hindustan.


The language of the book is easy to be read. 


And I strongly recommend to the Indian Readers, especially to the ‘Women of Hindustan’ to read this book.


My Ratings:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(5/5)


I hope you like this, thanks for reading, Jai Hind.


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Yash Sharma

Namaste reader, My name is Yash, and books for me are like a medicine, which removes my ignorance and also helps me in behaving more like a human.Though I live in the world’s largest democracy, India, but when I look around, I realized that this democratic nation of mine has turned into a kind of feudal oligarchy or kleptocracy, where people from a particular community or I would say particular surname has hijacked this democracy, and the political parties in India has turned itself into a kind of family enterprises where the family members are the only shareholders. And I want to change this, and books are a weapon which is helping me, so that I can help others and my nation.Shukriya for reading this Thought of mine.

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19 Responses

  1. Prabal Singh Nain says:

    My brother you mention about the women who participated in indian’s freedom fights….but we know about few warrior ladies who did that….rest we can’t even know…so according to you what are the reasons..I think there are so many like lakshmi bai at that time…but we can’t get any idea about them….by this book can we get some names of warrior ladies..????

    • Sarojini Naidu, Madam Bhikaji Kama, Annie Besant, Sucheta Kriplani and many more women like them participated in the Indian Freedom struggle. Although, our history books are written from a different perspective. It mostly highlights the contribution of men, especially Jawaharlal Nehru and Gandhiji, that’s why people are unaware about the contribution of other people.

      In this book, the author mentioned about those Young Women who were born in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Burma. But, for the freedom of Hindustan they left their homes to free India from the yoke of British Colonialism. That’s why Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose named this unit as , The Rani lakshmi bai infantry.

      Captain Laxmi Swaminathan and women like her were part of this infantry regiment.

      I hope you enjoyed the review. Thanks for Reading (:

  2. Saundarya says:

    This is something I have read a lot about in my history course but you have presented it in a whole new way through the eyes of history itself.. looking forward to read the book.. Amazing work!! Keep writing, keep reviewing!

  3. Sarangdhar says:

    Well written…👍🏻

  4. AKSHAT says:

    Very nice and inspiring article . you write so well …

  5. Aishwarya says:

    Good job👍🏼 what i liked the most is how you have kept it contemporary despite the context being periodic. S.C. Bose was indeed way ahead of his time and visionary in true sense, I am sure it will inspire the readers.

  6. PAYAL says:

    An inspiring one…..
    Thanks for the invaluable information

  7. Divyanshu says:

    That’s why The Shubhash Chandra Bose is called NETAJI a true and perfect figure of a public leader👌👌👌👌👌

  8. Monika Sharma says:

    These informations are truly precious. And more precise is the way you jot down everything.. keep them coming in .

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